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Based on Dance Deco, a theatre work in 2015, Dance Deco Co is the newest development of Xiao Ke × Zi Han’s dance theater work in 2017. DECO, a term which is not only confined to decoration or embellishment, but more importantly, refers to the application of classical elements and spirits in contemporary art. By applying the classical elements of dance, Dance Deco aims to produce reflection on body beyond the realm of “dance”. “Co”of Dance Deco Co, emphasizes Collaboration, Communication and Correction of the project.

Xiao Ke × Zi Han invite their friends to collaborate for this work, exploring the individuality and collective memory of the dancing bodies while tempting to separate the characters. The work extracts and strengthens the real life experiences of the dancers to provoke contemplation of questions like “Chinese dance education”, “what’s dance” and “who’s dancing”.

Concept_ Xiao Ke × Zi Han
Choreography_ Xiao Ke
Sound&Visual Design/Documentary Director_ Zi Han
Lighting_ Guo ShenTong
Actors_ Huang ZhiHao, Li ChenChuan, Li Yong, LingPeiwen, Wang KaiLi, Xu MengYing, Xiao Ke & Zhao YuanHang

Photo_ He BuZhi & Zi Han

About the Actors_

Huang ZhiHao, Black bubble organic dancer and non-typical hipster who dances and takes photo all the way from Guang Dong to Yun Nan and now Shanghai.

Li ChenChuan, Trained as a Chinese classic dancer, he seems to be the one who likes dance the least among us and thinks of a lot but dance.

Li Yong, A dancer who seems loving dance the least yet the most. Though as a professional ballet dancer, he now, so long as it is paid, would not choose what to dance since he has been cheated and bought a trousers on Taobao with 40138 Yuan.

Ling PeiWen, Self-made dancer who flies here and there, naturally born a piece of drama.

Wang KaiLi, She is a dancer who has worked very hard also been denied the most. Now apart from being a dancer, she runs a wechat store that sells skin care products. This is her mobile: 15121017151. Send sms “I love Dance Deco Co” for discount.

Xu MengYing, The one who loves being beautiful so much that cannot live without being beautiful. What matters to her is to know single handsome guys here rather than the dance.

Xiao Ke, Don't be misled by the name (Xiao means little in Chinese), actually she is the oldest and unwilling to call herself a dancer. Never short of tricks.

Zhao YuanHang, An overused dancer who has been one of the founding members of some local modern dance company, dreamt of being an entrepreneur through once running a restaurant, and now comes back to dance this year to continue to be used.